We've put together this short blog post to help with planning electrical items in your utility when using our online rewire calculator.

We hope you have found the previous blog post useful when planning your electrical items in each room of your property. This blog post will help you when planning electrical items in your utility room.


Utility rooms are considered similar to kitchens in both the general and electrical layouts. Sockets for appliances and general use sockets should be installed both above and below worktops for items such as washing machines & tumble dryers and also general use sockets. The socket outlets for such appliances should be positioned so that the appliance can be isolated at any time.


There should be an adequate amount of lighting within the utility room so downlights are a popular choice with our customers. Utility rooms also often have more than one entrance or exit point so consider adding a two-way switching configuration for convenience.

Extract Fan

An Extract fan should also be considered to help the circulation of air when using washing machines and tumble dryers. If the utility room is being built as part of a property extension project the building inspector will expect to see an extractor fan installed in the utility room to comply with the building regulations more information about ventilation in your property  can be found on here Approved document F. Extract fans can be isolated via a switched fuse spur or for part of the lighting system.

Heat Detector

A heat detector is also a mandatory item that will be required in your utility room, this will be added automatically in your rewire calculator.

If you are planning a rewire project check out our news feed for further blog post or use our online rewire calculator which is full of useful hints and tips.

Watch Our Video For Help Planning Electrical Items In Your Utility

We hope you found this blog post useful. Please watch our short video and have a read of our other blogs to assist you with planning electrical items in other rooms of your property.

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