We've put together this short blog post to help with planning electrical items in your hallway and landing when using our online rewire calculator.

This blog post has been written to help assist when selecting electrical items on a landing and staircase on a typical UK property the following items should be considered.


A minimum of one lighting pendant is required unless the landing is large or an awkward shape then two may be required. Wall lights and Downlights can also be installed if you wish to have a more elegant look to the landing, downlights are a great way of evenly spreading the light without compromising on the finished look. The lighting should be positioned to give plenty of light to the staircase.

Light Switches

Landing light switches would typically be centrally placed so that they can be reached from most bedrooms or bathrooms and would usually 2 way with a switch in the hallway or the next level landing for larger landings a 3-way switching configuration (intermediate switch) may be required.


Sockets on landings are typically used for vacuum cleans, Not all landings and staircases are large enough to need a socket, care should be taken when choosing positions of sockets in landings as these can some times cause a trip hazard when electrical items with trailing leads are left plugged in.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detection in your landing and staircases are very important as these smoke detectors are typically the closest to the bedrooms 85db’s of sound is required in each bedroom. The typical UK average is one per landing this can some times vary on large landings these items will be auto-populated as part of covered in your essentials packages on our online rewire calculator.

We hope you have found this blog post useful. Please take a look at our online rewire calculator and get you free online quotation today, there are also lots of hints and tips when planning electrical items in your home.

Watch Our Video For Help Planning Electrical Items In Your Landing & Staircases

We hope you found this blog post useful. Please watch our short video and have a read of our other blogs to assist you with planning electrical items in other rooms of your property.

For more information please contact our team or fill out our online rewire calculator to get your instant quotation.

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