We hope by now you have discovered our online rewire calculator, it's a really simple to use online tool that can help our customers create their own quotations for full domestic rewires based on their requirement and because the tool is quantity based the tool is versatile to adaptable to your budget.

Our intention when creating this tool was to make it usable for all meaning no electrical jargon and some automation needed to be added for items that the general public would not realise or forget to add, for example, smoke detectors on each floor of the property.

We're pretty confident that our video, graphics, hints tips will assist anybody who is unsure about how to use the tool and if there are any areas that our customers struggle with our survey engineers can give any advise once the survey has been booked.

We would really like to share with you a case study of a rewire project that our customer recently had completed.

CASE STUDY: House Rewire for Zsoka

Zsoka is a full time nurse at the Hallamshire hospital and lives in Crookes, Sheffield.

Zsoka first heard of our company through our website and had read our 5* online google reviews. She initially contacted our office as she was in a hurry to get a quotation to rewire her new property.

Getting A Quote

Due to Zsoka working night shifts it was difficult to organise a visit to the property in the short time scale she had around her night shifts. We pointed Zsoka in the direction of our online rewire calculator and explained that she could get a very accurate estimate from the tool within approximately 20 mins, she was happy to use it as it meant that she did not have to waste any time meeting other contractors for quotations. Zsoka loved the simplicity of the tool and because each item has a set price she knew she was only paying for the items she required and there were no hidden costs.

Zsoka did a great job of completing the rewire calculator and only made one slight mistake when using the tool, this was due to a little confusion with the 2-way lighting circuits on the staircase as she had an awkward shape landing and wasn't sure where to position the light switches. This was a great testament to the tool as Zsoka has never been involved in the renovation of a property and has no electrical knowledge or ever had a rewire undertaken.

The Survey

Once she had completed the rewire calculator we followed up with a phone call to book a survey. Whilst undertaking the survey I explained to Zsoka the work, mess and process involved with a rewire project and also gave her some additional options that would make the installation more practical with regards to the socket and switch positions. Once we had agreed on the quantities they final quotation was issued and we talked Zsoka through the payment terms and deposit requirement. Zsoka paid her 50% Deposit the next day and we confirmed the start day of the works.

The Job

We completed the first & second fix in 2 separate stages this gave Zsoka the opportunity to use her own plasterers to patch up around the sockets and switches. On completion of the first fix we walked through the property to confirm that all of the sockets switches and lighting was in the agreed position, there were a couple of extra socket outlets that Zsoka had added during the works so these were added using our contract variation sheets then signed by Zsoka the additional cost would later be added to the final invoice. Once all parties were happy the first fix was signed off and we scheduled in our return visit too second fix and complete the property.

Once the property had been plastered throughout we returned back to the property to complete the 2nd fix, upon completion of the second fix we walked through the property again to confirm that Zsoka was happy with all of our work. We issued Zsoka with the Electrical installation certificate (EIC) to prove that all of the works have been completed and meet the current wiring regulation BS7671 & a copy of the final invoice for the completed works.

What The Customer Said

We sent over a link to our google review pages and she was happy to leave us a 5* review.

“Brilliant full rewire by Rob & Brad! Thank you guys for fitting me in with short notice & being reliable + providing good customer service too. I’m looking forward to welcoming you back for the final touches.”

Planning A House Rewire?

For more information please contact our team or fill out our online rewire calculator to get your instant quotation.

We've put together this short blog post to help with planning electrical items outside your home when using our online rewire calculator.

We hope you have found this series of blog post useful, this is the 8th and final blog post of this series to help assist you when planning electrical items in you your property.

This blog post should assist you when planning electrical items on the external of the property. External power and lighting is a great addition to a property giving additional practicality and security to your property.

Socket Outlets

Additional external socket outlets can be added to most external walls of your property, these socket outlets are designed to to protect the sockets from external weather conditions and typically come with an IP56 rating, meaning the socket is protected against dust and splashing of water. These sockets will also be protected by an RCD at the consumer unit meaning that they are safe to use for items such as electric lawn mowers and hedge trimmers to give additional protection to the user. These are also a great addition for a patio or outdoor entertaining are so you wont need to run extensions into the house. External sockets can also be fitted to the front of properties or near to drive ways for use with electrical items such as Jet washes and vacuum cleaners.

External Lighting

External lighting is a must for improving the security and practical use around the property. External lighting can also give your property the WOW factor. External lighting comes in all shapes and sizes and choosing the right types of light fitting for the application can often get confusing.

Flood lights or security lights

Flood lights or security lights typically are activated when the motion detector (PIR) picks up movement, these are great for the rear of the property where maximum light is required, these are also a great deterrent for unwanted opportunist.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is often used on both the front and the rear of the property and is typically used for feature or practical lighting, these lights have a number of options when it comes to switching, a manual switch to turn them on as and when you need them, Motion detectors so the lights come on when people approach, dusk till dawn sensors so the lights come on when it goes dark and they also can be controlled via a time clock so that you can choose when the lights come on and go off.

Example Of Our Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Here is a link to a recent outdoor lighting project that we completed >>

Our team love working on external lighting projects so please get in-touch and we can help design your external lighting for adding security, practicality of just showing off to your mates.

Watch Our Video For Help Planning Outdoor Lighting & Power

If you are planning a rewire project check out our news feed for further blog post or use our online rewire calculator which is full of useful hints and tips.

We hope you found this blog post useful. Please watch our short video and have a read of our other blogs to assist you with planning electrical items in other rooms of your property.

For more information please contact our team or fill out our online rewire calculator to get your instant quotation.

We've put together this short blog post to help with planning electrical items in your bedroom when using our online rewire calculator.

Bathrooms often cause a little confusion when it comes to the planning of electrical items and what lighting is acceptable? where can the lights go? Where can i put a socket!!! Are all commonly asked questions when planning a bathroom rewire. Socket outlets are a huge No No within the bathroom just for the record. With the added risk of water and moisture in the bathroom, electrical equipment requires an Ingress Protection (IP) rating or some degree depending on the position of the electrical item. Fear not our engineers are here to help you when planning electrical items within the bathroom or ensuite.

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting there are strict regulations on minimum requirements for IP regulations regarding the type of lighting you are allowed to use. Down lights are a common choice in the bathroom or if you are on a budget a Dome style fitting can be installed as a basic item, this will also have be IP rated. If you wish to supply your own decorative light it is advised to check the IP rating is suitable for the location of the light.

Light Switching

The only type of light switch allowed within the bathroom is a lighting pull switch or if you would like a wall switch this will have to be positioned on the outside of a bathroom adjacent to the bathroom door additional switches can be added if you would like the option to switch the extractor fan independently to the lighting.

Extractor Fan

The primary purpose of an extractor fan is to provide ventilation in your bathroom suite so as to avoid condensation resulting from steam rising after a hot bath or shower. This is to prevent mould and damp forming which can cause health problems for you and your family.
Extract fans in bathrooms typically turn on when the light switch is pulled or switched on, once the light switch is turned off the fan would over run for a selected period of time from 1-30min.

Extract fans come in all shapes and sizes, our quoting engineers will help you decide the best type of fan for your bathroom. It’s a regulation that you will require an isolation switch for the fan so we have covered this as part of the fan package, speak with our quoting engineer regarding the location of the fan isolation switch.

Shaver Points

Shaver points or electric toothbrush charger points are a useful item to have within a bathroom these can be located within the bathroom itself due to the power output being 110v instead of the typical 240v found around the rest of the property.

Mirror Lights

Illuminated mirrors are a great addition to bathrooms and often come with demister and shaver points built into them, they also come with a built-in switch as part of the unit. This is not an item that we would typically supply but options are available.

Electric Towel Rail

Does your bathroom require an electric towel rail? Electric towel rails are a great addition to a bathroom, the added benifit being that you can warm the bathroom and towels without having to have the whole heating system on. There are also dual heaters available on the market that will heat up through the central heating system or from the electric power supply. Not all towel rails will need an electric power supply as most towel rails will heat up as part of the central heating system. All electrical towel rails will need a safe point of isolation for example a fused spur, this item has to be located outside of the bathroom. Speak with our survey engineer or your heating engineers to see what will be the best system for your usage.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Are you planning on installing underfloor heating in your bathroom or ensuite? Electric underfloor heating can be a real luxury in the colder months. Electric underfloor heating will require a power supply for the heating mat, You would also need to install a switch fused spur for the heating mat, this would typically be located at a low level next to the doorway, this is another item that can not be located within the bathroom itself. A heating mat kit typically consists of the heat mat, Thermostatic control stat and a remote thermostat that will read the temperature of the floor. We would typically work alongside a tiler or bathroom fitter when installing underfloor heating. If you would like us to include the installation of the heating mat please ask our engineers when he comes to undertake the survey.

Watch Our Video For Help Planning Electrical Items In Your Bathrooms

If you are planning a rewire project check out our news feed for further blog post or use our online rewire calculator which is full of useful hints and tips.

We hope you found this blog post useful. Please watch our short video and have a read of our other blogs to assist you with planning electrical items in other rooms of your property.

For more information please contact our team or fill out our online rewire calculator to get your instant quotation.

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