How will the house rewire be undertaken?

There are many ways in which we approach how properties are rewired and how we undertake the rewiring works. It usually depends on the current living situation of a property. Our end goal is to rewire all or as much of the property as possible whilst causing minimum disruption to our customers and their homes, but some times we realise that it is not convenient or feasible to rewire the whole of the property in one hit. We’ve put together this short blog post to help you understand what is possible and how we approach the common stumbling blocks of having your property rewired.

Empty properties:

Empty properties are often seen as the dream situation for undertaking a rewire of your home or rental property. When houses are empty or unoccupied less time has to be spent moving furniture, reinstating power for continued use and tidying up at the end of each working day. For this reason, when using our online quoting tool we offer a 15% discount for the rewire of empty houses as there are less labouring tasks to be completed that inevitably draws out the duration of works.

When unoccupied rewires are undertaken we typically undertake the works in 2 separate phases;

Phase 1: The First fix is undertaken and typically takes 2-5 days depending on the size of your property. During this visit, all of the cables are run to the correct locations for switches, sockets and lighting. All back boxes and cable channels are chopped into the plaster & brickwork and the property is left ready for the plastering work to be undertaken.

Phase 2: The Second fix stage typically takes slightly less time than the first fix. Once the whole property is plastered we book in the second fix works. During this visit, we install all of the sockets and switch faceplates as well as all of the lighting fixtures, we also install the consumer unit (fuse board), power up all of the circuits and certify the installation ready to hand over to our customers.

Lived in properties:

Lived in properties are often seen as a more difficult situation to work in as there can be many added factors that can cause delays or disruption, However, a well managed and strategic approach to the works can lead to better customer experience. When it’s convenient it has been known of our customers to stay with family and friends whilst the work is undertaken, some may see this as a cheeky suggestion but as with the unoccupied properties our goal remains the same, rewire all of or as much of the property with minimum disruption to our customers and their homes, This way more of our time is spent doing the jobs were qualified to do instead of the labour-intensive tasks such as a tidy down at the end of each day, replacing all floorboards and reinstating the power so that our customers can use the property during the evenings.

When rewiring occupied properties there is not usually time for plasterers to come in between the first and second fix so the work is undertaken in 1 hit typically taking 5-10 Working days.

Phase 1 & 2 Combined: First & second fix.

When wiring properties that are occupied we realise that you want the work undertaking efficiently with minimum disruption to your self and your family, within the same week we would install both the first and second fix electrical installation, consumer unit, power up and certification. All of your personal belongings are stored away under dust sheets in areas that will be least affected by the rewiring works and then all furniture is replaced back to its original position even if it means this has to be done on a daily basis

“But what about our kitchen? It’s only a few years old, will we have to remove it?

This is a common pain point and concern for our customers and clients, we realise the cost implications of having to replace tiling and kitchen units should the kitchen need to be fully rewired so we use our vast experience to avoid this happening. There are many tricks of the trade to avoid having to rewire the kitchen if we can get away with it. More often than not kitchens are rewired more regular than the rest of the rooms in a typical property so chances are that the kitchen wiring is not as old as other wiring in the house so we try to designate the kitchen to its own socket circuit and document that the kitchen has not been fully rewired on the final electrical certificate. Unfortunately in some cases when the wiring is so dated or in such bad condition, we have no choice but to rewire all of the kitchen circuits, There are a number of tests and checks that we undertake to determine the condition of existing wiring and our engineers will always consult our customers before any additional disruptive work is undertaken.

Need more help?

We hope you have found this blog post helpful if you have a property that you know or believe may need rewiring please do not hesitate to contact our team. We also have a very useful online rewire calculator tool that can give instant quotations based on a room by room requirement.

Wondering 'How Much Does A House Rewire Cost?' Give us 15 minutes of your time and you can answer that question for yourself.

Here at Smart Electricians, we have been working hard behind the scenes developing our 4 step process in producing a quotation for a rewiring project. In the age of smartphones, smart tech, Amazon and AI we believe that the process for receiving quotations for electrical rewires needs to be simplified. We are committed to a fair and honest pricing policy and our quoting system can be tailored to suit any budget or specification. We have compiled our extensive knowledge and years of experience working in the domestic market and covered the vast amount of electrical items found within a modern property, however if there is something you would like installing that is not on our list please feel free to mention this to our survey engineer when he comes to visit your property or project.

Who is this tool for?

From day one of the developments of this software, our primary goal has been to make this tool user-friendly for anybody. Homeowners, first-time buyers and the general public, Property developers and landlords, Architects and Building contractor. We believe our detailed system and explainer videos can help anybody create a detailed quotation in the same amount of time it takes to drink your brew.



How to use this tool

This tool can be used in many effective ways, our advice to you would be to watch our explainer video to get you started, once you have watched the animation video we suggest that you Sketch out or print off a layout plan of your property to assist you with the quantities and locations of sockets, switches and lighting, layout plans can often be found on property websites such as Zoopla or Right Move.

Step 1:

As with any online line tool we're going to need a few personal details from you but don't worry we're not going to share them with any other parties and will only contact you if you want us too.

Step 2:

We need to know a little bit of information regarding the current living situation in the property, if the property is empty or partially furnished you may be eligible for a 10% discount as it means we will not have to be moving furniture and replacing all of the floor boards at the end each day.

Simply populate the number of rooms within your property and then start to populate the number of items required in each individual room.

Step 3:

Start in the Hallway of your property and walk around each individual room in the order that they are listed within the calculator. Our wide range of products has helpful images, hint and recommendations to help you select the right product for your installation.

Simply populate the number of rooms within your property and then start to populate the number of items required in each individual room.

If you are a Building Contractor your Architect or Customer may have already specified the number of products on a spec sheet or electrical layout drawing, in this case, it's again as simple as populating each box and working your way through the rooms.

Step 4:

Step 4 is the easy one as we have done all the hard work for you, we realise that we can't expect our customers to understand the requirements of a electrical installation so these areas have been auto-populated for you, for example, the number of smoke detectors will auto-populate depending on the number of hallways and landings you have selected.

Get your estimated price:

Once you have hit the big blue button the quotation will arrive into your email inbox and also notify us that you have completed a quotation and if you're happy with the price you can book in your survey.

Next Steps

The price is only a guide and subject to a full survey from our team. The next steps if you wanted to progress with the work would be for us to visit your property. Simply get in touch and a member of our friendly team will arrange a property survey at a time that is convenient for you.

Why Smart Electricians

Our team are fully trained professionals and take pride in providing the highest levels of service. We would love to be part of your project and help you with your rewire.

Just some of the reasons why we think you should choose us include because we provide:

A Five Star Service - Yes, we are excellent electricians, but even better, we are passionate about giving you an amazing and reliable service.

Quality Assurance - All our domestic work is part P certified, meets industry regulations, and comes with a 6 year insurance-backed guarantee.

Fully Certified Work - All our team are fully trained and certified to the highest standards so that you can be sure of a professional, expert service.

Quick Response Times - With super quick response times our team can be on the scene to deal with your repair in a matter of hours, if not less.

Hear From Our Customers

We know that you will love working with us, but don't just take our word from it. Find out what our customers have to say about choosing Smart Electricians.

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