Electrical Rewires to Inspire and Delight you...

What can we do for your Home?

Take a look at some of our finished work and the results an Electrical Rewire can bring to your property. No matter how big or small your home may be, there are so many ways to improve and upgrade the quality of fixtures and fittings in your home. Is it time to bring your property into the 21st century?

We recently completed a total Electrical Rewire on this beautiful 3 bedroom detached property in Sheffield and we think the finished results look amazing!

Take a look for yourself and imagine the design we could complete on your property!

For this family home we carried out a total Rewire and installed feature lighting throughout the house.

The feature lighting added an extra special touch to the kitchen, lounge, hallway, bedrooms and bathroom. Even outside in the garden underneath the decking, garden parties of the future will now always have an extra glow and ambience when the night falls!

We added CCTV throughout the house also giving the family peace of mind they can always keep an extra eye on their home, when they are home and away.

Smart Electricians are a team of friendly , reliable and professional certified electricians who are able to help and advise on ways to update and improve your home.

Are your light fittings or sockets in the wrong place in your home?

Are they outdated or needing to be brought into the 21st century?

Whether you are renovating a property or moving into a new home yourself, this is the perfect time to get the electrical installations in your home brought up to date, and fitted how and where you want them to be!

By completing an Electrical Rewire on your home with new circuits and a new consumer unit (fuse box) improves safety and reduces the risk of fire hazards. It also means circuits are designed to safely cope with the growing demands of modern electrical gadgets. Also to provide energy efficient solutions for lighting and heating circuits.

So, if your property is over 25 years old, or even if you’re planning an extension, our Smart Electricians can rewire your property to fit your lifestyle. Give yourself complete peace of mind that your circuits and appliances are safe and up-to-date with current standards.

Give one of our experts a call on 0330 043 2031

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