What is an EICR safety test?

An EICR testing (Electrical Installation Condition Report) in your property is a test which needs to be completed to check the safety and condition of electrical installations in your property.

We implement the test to establish whether the electrical installations are maintained to a satisfactory level in your home or property you manage. If the report shows that it has passed the requirements, then it is ok for the system to be used in a safe and continued service.

An electrical safety test for a local landlord in Sheffield

We recently undertook an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) on a 3 Bed terraced property in Sheffield for a local landlord.

Mr Travis was undertaking a renovation of a newly purchased property that he was to put on Sheffield infamous rental market. Due to the property going onto the rental market it was essential that the electrical installation met the certain requirement for rental properties as outlined on the electrical safety first website.

Our initial visit to the property was to undertake the EICR to determine the current condition of the electrical installation, a EICR generally takes approximately 4 Hours to complete and is an in-depth inspection of circuits and electrical accessories. During the EICR no disruption or damage to the property is to be taken place only the removal of sockets, switches, accessible junction boxes & distribution board covers for inspection and test purposes, this was agreed and discussed with Mr Travis before the EICR commenced. The EICR its self is documented on a 7-page report which is later emailed to Mr Travis.

It was quite clear early on in the EICR that due to the age of the consumer unit (fuse box) the installation did not meet current regulations but it is the general procedure that the whole EICR is compleated. The installation had many defects and each defect is given one of the following fault codes.

Electrical safety report risk factors


What defects can be identified on an EICR electrical safety report?

The defects highlighted on Mr Travis’s property were as follows;

  1. No RCD protection to Socket circuit.
  2. No Continuity on the upstairs ring main circuit
  3. No RCD protection on the upstairs lighting circuit that feeds the bathroom.
  4. Insufficient sizing of Earth bonding cables to incoming Gas & Water pipes.
  5. Bathroom Downlights are not IP Rated or Fire Rated.

Once the EICR was compleated and all the defects documented Mr Travis was sent the 7 Page report along with a detailed quotation to rectify the defects. Aswell well as the quotation to rectify the defects Mr Travis has also issued a Quotation for the additional works that he required to be undertaken as part of the renovation.

The following items were included in the Quotation.

  1. Upgrade the consumer unit to give RCD protection throughout the property.
  2. Replace current Earth bonding to Gas & Water with new 10mm cable and new boding clamps.
  3. Locate continuity fault on the upstairs Ring Main.
  4. Replace current Downlights in Bathroom to new LED IP Rated & Fire rated Downlights.
  5. Installation of new mains powered Smoke detectors in the Hallway, 1st-floor landing & 2nd floor.
  6. Installation of a new Heat Detector in the kitchen.
  7. Replace all the current Socket outlets and switches with new.
  8. Installation of new socket circuit for kitchen
  9. Installation of a new cooker circuit.
  10. Install new LED Security lighting to the side and rear of the property.

The Quotation was accepted via our online job tracking system and Mr Travis paid the initial deposit of 50% to secure a start date for the commencement of the works. We scheduled our works to work in sync with the program of works for the project and made regular visits to the property over the following 7 Weeks.

As with many projects of this nature, we inevitable found additional defects when locating the fault on the upstairs socket circuit and subsequently had to partially rewire the upstairs sockets before we went ahead with the works a contract variation was raised by our engineers and Mr Travis signed an online document to say that he was happy to go ahead with the additional works and costs.

As we had worked on previous renovations for Mr Travis we knew and understood his specifications and expectations, the project was delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Mr Travis was issued with his final EIC (Electrical installation Certificate), Building compliance certification and also the final invoice for the works.

How to book an electrical safety report for my home or property?

We are the leading independent electrical engineers serving the Sheffield area. You are in safe hands with any electrical installation or service from Smart Electricians. You can use our online booking form over on the EICR services page. We offer swift service to a 5-star standard (see our customer reviews!).

How much does an EICR electrical safety report cost?

Our prices are very respectable, starting from £150+VAT. For an informal, no obligation chat about our services and how they can help you have a happy home, feel free to contact us - we are happy to advise!

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