"I felt like I could trust Smart Electricians straight away. The place was always kept clean and at the end of the job you would barely know they had been.

When we got the house we knew the consumer unit would need changing, Rob came over fairly quickly and advised that I needed a new consumer unit. Rob did a few general checks and unfortunately found the lighting circuits had no earth and informed me that the lighting circuits would need rewiring, which I then thought I'd need to plaster every room. Rob said lets see if we can rewire the circuit by using the existing conduits, to which I have to say he managed to rewire all the lighting circuits without any damage at all.

Smart Electricians always let me know when they were coming, it was really really important that I could trust them as I knew I would not be here most of the time.

When we do more work later on they will be the ones we will be contacting. They weren't just on the "quick buck" they were looking long term and looking after me and that is what I needed."

Mark Dickens| Landlord| Ecclesall, Sheffield.

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